HomeJack Welding Machine

Base Jack welding system is designed to increase production and quality of welding on Solid threaded bar and Hollow threaded pipes with Base plate of any size and shape and U-base of any size and shape, however the machine has capability to weld up to 1000 pieces in 10 Hours of Working Shift, there is no need to make welding tag pipe or Solid with Base Plate and U-base,

On the other hand, machine has the adjustment if any ovallity comes in Job, Suitable for the length from 100mm to 1000mm and Sizes from 28mm to 48mm, length adjustment with screw drive .Machine having 400 Amps of Mig welding installed inside of welding positioner to save space and this makes it user friendly because all controls of machine are in front of the operator one can adjust accordingly. This System comes with all Standard accessories.

Detailed Product Description 

Production introduction:

This special machine is for scaffolding Base Jacks

automatic welding .Equipment make use advanced programmable control technology to finish welding in one-time, improve production efficiency, and reduce labor intensity, welding effect to meet

Customer’s requirements. Specifications:


Input voltage 3-phase 380- 415 V
Control system input voltage 3-phase 380- 415 V
Control system power 1kw
Motor power .86 kw
Speed 6-25 s/round
Poling 100mm to 1000mm
Welding torch distance Adjustable from start to end
Motion way Pneumatic
Welding angle 0-360°
Maximum workpiece number 1 pics
Dimension 800×1670×1980 mm
Machine area 1.2 ×2 meter
Weight 800 kg

Overview of Machine

  1. Automatically Weld the circular seam on the joint between the Base plate or U – Head base with round threaded pipe or solid bar Welding process will be continual and steady. The machine will stop when the welding is finished.
  2. MAG welding method with push type wire feeder
  3. Equipped with 1 set welding torch, can weld double circle seam of each end of scaffold pipe at the same time, or work separate as need. Machines can work continuously for 24 hours.
  4. During the welding, welding torch is fixed, while the workpiece is rotate
  5. Adopt DELTA make PLC, the welding torch walk speed is adjusted by inverter, stepless adjustment, improve the reliability., Users can program by themselves as need.
  6. The welding mode and specification can be preset, saved, and recalled via touch screen. It is convenient to modify parameters and switch the status. Welding length, arc igniting, arc ending time.
  7. Welding process will be continual and steady. With uniform and smooth welding appearance.
  8. Welding process:

Before starting the welding the process, adjust the welding torch mechanism to reach the welding position

8.1 Fix the Base Plate on the two set jigs on both ends, fix the round threaded pipe on the resting V block.

8.2 Supplying shielding gas automatically and welding torch arrive the welding position automatically.

8.3 Welding torch Finish the welding as program automatically.

8.4 Tail stock moves to right and releases the welded threaded pipe with base plates or U- head base.

8.5 Unload the pipe manually.

8.6 then start from the first step.

Equipment characteristics:

  1. Robust steel structure
  2. Length Adjustable as per drawing or discussion
  3. Suitable for average height operator 36-inch Center
  4. Pneumatic operated welding and clamping of job for fastest performance.
  5. Control Panel at the front to change settings.
  6. Welding Torches movement on LM guide for high accuracy and longer life
  7. Job length adjustable with Lead screw driven on round rail for high accuracy to meet tolerances.
  8. Weight carrying capacity 100 kg.
  9. Electric motors make Crompton.
  10. PLC make DELTA.
  11. VFD makes DELTA.
  12. HMI makes DELTA 7 inch.
  13. Push buttons make ABB.
  14. Pneumatics make Janatics
  15. Spark tube make SPAC
  16. Air One touch Fittings make Janatics
  17. Welding Torch make BINZEL
  18. Welding Contact tips make BINZEL
  19. LM Guide make HIWIN
  20. LM Guide bearings make HIWIN
  21. Round rails make HIWIN
  22. Round Rail Linear Bearing make HIWIN
  23. Electrical wiring LAAP cable
  24. Tower Light make JIGO
  25. Revolving Center makes RR
  26. Bearing make ARB.
  27. Gear Box make GHUDANI.
  28. Powder Coated Panel Covers
  29. All Mig welded Steel Structure made from Prime plates and Pipes.
  30. Proximity Sensors make OMRON.
No. Item Specification
1  Pipe diameter &length Diameter Range:30 mm to 48 mm ,
Length:Adjustable from 100 to 1000mm
2 Job  dimension Thickness of  pipe : 2~6mm
Outer diameter :30~48mm  ( Additional sizes can be done on request)
3 Material  pipe and Base plate Carbon steel
4 Welding speed 450-600mm/min
5 Output rated current 60-400A, at 60%
6 Air pressure 0.6MPA
7 Output voltage 14-40V
8 Rotation speed 0.1-10rpm
9 Motor power 0.75KW
10 Air pressure 0.4-0.6MPA
11 Chuck Rotation degree 360°
12 Welding power source
13 Machine working voltage 380 v 3phase 50hz for welding power source
220v 1phase 50hzfor automatic welding machine body

   Configuration list

No. Name and Model Quantity
1 Automatic welding machine body 1 set
2 welding power source 1 sets
3  Push type wire feeder 1 sets
4 Rotary head stock with fixture 1set
5 Tail stock with fixture 1 set
6 Cable and connector 1set
7 Welding Torch Feeding and Adjusting Mechanism 1 sets
8 Machine operation control program 1set
9 Welding torch (air cooling type) 1 sets
10 Electrical cabinet with  DELTA makes  PLC 1set
11 Operation panel with DELTA make  Torch screen 7 inches 1 set
12 Workpiece support brackets 2 sets
13 Pneumatic cylinders 2 set
14 Synchronous axis system 1 set